I am not happy about the fact it is Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton who becomes the 45th president of the USA, at stake many vital issues in the USA and worldwide. Nevertheless, congratulating him this achievement. It remains to be seen how good Donald Trump really will be in the post of the US presidency and it is possible he will prove himself an excellent one, doing a responsible U-turn, while having in his mind at the same time not only the USA but also the world. Should he become great as the president I will only be happy about it. As for now my negative opinion of him stays, till further evaluation. Donald Trump should have lost the US election, primarily due to his arrogant and aggressive behavior and his remarks of building the wall on the border with Mexico, his anti latino stance. I personally lost any confidence in Donald Trump after learning of two things about him to say the least, his strange support to Putin at the expense of the democratic part of the world and NATO allies and his remarks he will take away all the funds the USA gave to the UN in order to tackle the global warming, his naive and idiotic stance on the issues of the global warming and bringing back the coal and steel manufacturing plants in the USA as if there were not any other solutions. Perhaps he will be a decisive leader and projecting presidential charisma but I am pessimistic he will be good for the world taking into the consideration all the other things we know about him, and that's my personal stance on him. Furthermore, re Donald Trump and Putin, perhaps both leaders can cope with each other but ... at the expense of other nations’ rights to self determination ? The examples are Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia and the Baltic states, experiencing a raw aggression, or risking it, from Putin's Russia. All countries bordering Russia are expressing fear of it, because it is run by former KGB Kremlin nest of spies turned ‘politicians’, with Putin on the top of it. Why Russia is not doing any business with Central and Eastern Europe and instead is threatening them? I am against any kind of war but at the same time am of opinion that Russia should behave and treat equally Eastern Europe, not as some sort of its sphere of influence. Eastern Europe want the same as the West is having, freedom and equal partnership. Russia is using double standards in dealing with the West and Eastern Europe. While they talk politely to Western leaders they use treasonable measures towards Eastern Europe's leaders. Baltic states are afraid of Russia, Poland , Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are afraid of Russia, Bulgaria and Romania are afraid of Russia, and there are still other countries, as Georgia, Moldavia and Ukraine that are afraid of Russia. Furthermore my stance is : respect every country, and the weakest countries should be especially respected and protected. I have supported as perhaps the only person in the world that both Russia and Ukraine join TTIP, that is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, but this would require a total U-turn on the Kremlin's side, evolution towards Western style democracies. Some naive people see Eastern Europe and the Baltic States as the very “backyard” of Russia. Well, neither Baltic states nor Eastern Europe are backyard of Russia, they are sovereign states Russia should do business with. I see business relations as crucial to solving any problems. Finally, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states are now part of the European Union and NATO whether Russia likes it or not. Once again Russians should do business with Central and Eastern Europe as well as with the Baltic states instead of the present war mongering as in Ukraine, Moldavia and Georgia. Time to change! To Russians I might sound like their enemy but I am not, on the contrary, I am envisioning a U-turn in their relations with the West but assuming they will go for it. I had sent many tweets in which I called for Russia and Ukraine to be added in TTIP, unlikely at present but who knows, perhaps in the future.

To those trying to impose the so called perfect world, or searching for it, my thoughts below, but firstly, there is no, and cannot be, the so called ‘perfect world’, if one thinks only about a particular group of people with rejecting other groups of people, or even with rejecting particular people for who they are and in what social environments they live. A perfect world is and should be the right for imperfection and everything what is different to exist and enjoy fruits of freedoms. All those who are in search for a perfect world should bear it in mind, especially politicians, religious leaders, clerics, so called purity thinkers and whatever dogmatists/ideologists. No freedoms no perfect world, paradoxically, but a rude order, depravity and tyranny. The unwritten law is that majorities and minorities must coexist, or at least learn to coexist. Only then there is a chance for a so called perfect world that can never, however, fully be realized for obvious reasons. Choose then for freedoms, tripartite separation of powers and a leading role of the individual to approach a high degree of self fulfilment and self determination on the scale towards the so called perfect world. What is happening in all of the Muslim countries is much a fault of the entire Muslim societies. Take for example Iran. I am afraid there is lack of solidarity among the people. Modernity and support of minorities in real life reality would be best to stand up against the regime. If all people do what they like, without looking at the regime, and support each other, the system sooner or later is crashed. What about LGBT individuals ? Do Iranians support hanging them in public ? If yes then it is a terrible mistake (and a crime) which is like a boomerang hitting all the nation later on. Minorities must have rights to exist, without ever being persecuted or prosecuted, and all citizen should strive for it ... The unwritten law is: minorities + majorities = the whole apple. You remove one of the ingredients and you have a rotten apple. The tragedy is rightists, among them Muslim scholars and ideology itself think there can be no place for LGBT and thus there are the hangings of the individuals in Iran just for who they are and throwing them to death from rooftops in the so called Islamic state the ISIS as well as in some Muslim states as for example in Iraq. The Wrath of God is understandably next, it always happens sooner or later, and ... the affected side are those who persecuted and prosecuted minorities, and disregarded their rights, worse even, denied them any rights and even murdered them. What is actually happening in the Middle East is mostly the result of dogmatic Islamism that rejected minorities and denied them their rightful place in the societies, the boomerang made its work and Muslims should bear it in mind. We all need a change, a change by a capital 'CHANGE', that is diversity, diversity once again diversity, everybody his own boss in the world respecting human rights ... Work needs to be done, a very complex one and uncompromising, both within the Western hemisphere and in all Islamic states, the goal: separation of Islam from state, constitutional prohibition of mistreatment of minorities, especially LGBT, in any way, human rights, acceptance of diversity and respect to everyone who is different, to be different is though not - and should not be - a crime at all. In the Western Hemisphere the Islamic newcomers must adapt and accept Western values, enforced by the law. Many more things, a comprehensive package for a change ...

What concerns God many things we yet do not know and it is doubtful we shall ever know in our earthly lives. But we should leave God out of our particular matters, especially when it comes to acceptance of minorities. Just leave God to your heart and do not use God for your ends, in order to mistreat others in whatever ways. Let God have His place in the house of worship and in our hearts but do not use Him for political ends. What is most thrilling is there are states in this world pouring their religions down our throats whether we like it or not, and even worse, disregarding any diversity, and then finally on a killing spree, as what is actually happening in the Islamic/Islamist part of the world. People yet need to learn how to hold God in their hearts and at the same time they are friendly to diversity and minorities, and other religions, of course. And also that at the same time they build modern states and societies that give a place for everyone to live in. Just don’t mess with God unless you accept the rights of minorities and empower their rights in the constitution. Using God for political ends and murdering minorities is the gravest crime ever. Unfortunately it does happen in most Islamic/Islamist states.

Decisive steps must be taken by the US and European civilization, firstly upholding the supremacy of freedoms, human rights, diversity of life, everything what means the Western ways of life in their own states and worldwide if possible, by advocating it. What concerns the Islamists and Islamic/Islamist states I think intensive pressure is needed, and determined action if needed, from the Western world ( and the rest of the world if possible ) to change the status quo in the Islamic/Islamist states, separation of state and Islam, right education, acceptance of diversity, legalizing of homosexuality and lesbians ( right now they are murdered in Iran, Saudi Arabia, the ISIS, elsewhere in the Islamic states ), and ... the USA and other civilized countries need to put human rights decisively in their agendas while dealing with all those Islamic/Islamist states. All these issues should have priority and the stance should be uncompromising on such issues. After a while all those backward Islamic/Islamist states will get more normal, accepting diversity, the key to ending terrorism and wellbeing of all of their citizen, including LGBT within their countries, the true litmus paper, proving whether they have become normal societies or not ... We all need to yearn towards the principles of the moral multiverse. Every individual should have the right to live the way he is and thinks, and nobody, not any system should deny it to him. But what to do that Africa can finally be standing up from its knees? I think a global village approach would be the best, all Western and world enterprises coming to Africa and causing development of all the countries in there, with an eye on the environmental issues, of course, because the richness of the African flora and fauna can absolutely be not compromised. I think here about the black Africa because what is happening in the Arab states is a complete tragedy, the supremacy of their religion to such a degree nothing that is different has any right of existence. Muslim states will have to firstly accept political, social and personal diversity, and separation of Islam from state, an absolute precondition. Well, we need to strive for ... Global Village, let the multinationals go there to Africa and elsewhere, make the world more and more interconnected and create the development funds for Africa and the weakest states in the world, let them have a special treatment while trading, as if they were members of all the powerful blocs there are nowadays. But the question is, are the USA, the EU, China willing this? Are they doing something in this direction? Actually there is even an opposite trend as the Brexit has shown it, lots of questions, indeed !

I personally support everything what is bringing us all closer to the Global Village ...

Written by Thaddeus Tadeusz Hutyra