What did you do, Earth

What did you do, Earth

What did you do, Earth
that the world
is a bloodied thorn
so often and so much
leaving pools of blood?

What did you do, Earth
that the forces of war
are depraving the world
of peace, and are winning
over peace loving people ?

What did you do, Earth
that propaganda machine
on all sides
poisons the reality
with a tongue of a snake ?

What did you do, Earth
that dictators
and wrong ideologies
get an upper hand
over liberty ?

What did you do, Earth
that Islamist terrorists
enslave their women
and even whole nations
in the name of their Shariah ?

What did you do, Earth
that the forces of darkness
spit on freedoms
human rights
dignity of human beings ?


" What did you do, Earth "
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra , April 13th, 2013
All Rights Reserved

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